The development of the Study Program cannot be separated from references to various policies and standards that are adapted to the characteristics of higher education and the needs of the world of work in the field of office administration. The scope of higher education standards is wider than the standards set out in the Indonesian Government Regulation No. 19 (2005) concerning National Education Standards. Presidential Regulation No. 8 (2012) concerning the Indonesian National Qualifications Framework (KKNI) provides guidelines that the development of study programs must be directed to the learning outcomes of graduates according to their field of expertise. Regulation of the Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia No. 73 (2013) mandates the application of the IQF in the scope of higher education. In 2020 the Ministry of Education and Culture developed the 2019 curriculum by mandating the use of the Independent Learning-Independent Campus curriculum.

The Accounting Study Program aims to produce graduates who have the ability and character to:

  1. Godly to God Almighty, noble character, and national personality.
  2. Entrepreneurial spirit, adaptive, creative, innovative, and responsive in facing the demands of the global world.
  3. Analytical and critical of accounting issues and skilled in communicating them scientifically.
  4. Develop accounting science and applicable technology in the field of accounting whose application can be used to improve the quality of science and public welfare.