The Accounting Education Study Program, Faculty of Economics, UNY has a vision "In 2025 to become an excellent and professional Accounting Education Study Program in the field of accounting education based on piety, independence, intelligence with people's economic insight, entrepreneurial spirit, and noble culture and produces responsive, adaptive, and competitive graduates". The vision is in-line with the vision of the faculty and university. To achieve this vision, the Accounting Education Study Program carries out teaching, research, and community service programs as well as institutional management. The self-evaluation of the Accounting Education Study Program FE UNY focuses on analysing Strengths, Weakness Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) and strategies for achieving them.

The strength of this study program lies in the formulation of a vision and mission that involves all stakeholders and vital networking with alumni. Input from students of the Accounting Education Study Program was excellent. The Accounting Education Study Program is still a favourite educational study program in the eyes of the public. The flexibility and adaptation of the IQF-based curriculum allow graduates to work in ASEAN countries with the opening of the ASEAN Economic Community. The business world, which requires prospective workers to be certified, seems to be a threat that the Accounting Education Study Program needs to take into account. By taking the Teacher Professional Education (PPG), then the certification exam and passing, the person concerned can become a competitor for graduates of the Accounting Education Study Program without certification.

The Accounting Education Study Program has an organizational structure with clear duties and authorities. Each department in the management of the study program carries out its respective responsibilities. This study program has a quality control group that is obliged to carry out control functions in the academic field. UNY has an Internal Supervisory Unit in charge of controlling non-academic aspects, down to the study program. Thus, academically and non-academically, the Accounting Education Study Program is controlled by other parties in carrying out its activities.

The quality of Accounting Education students at FE UNY is quite good, supported by a procedural, accountable, transparent, and IT-based student recruitment and selection system. After going through the teaching and learning process at the Accounting Education Study Program, the students obtained an excellent cumulative grade point average (56.25% above 3.5). The completion time of student studies is relatively short, with an average of 4.5 years. The services provided to students by the Accounting Education Study Program are pretty good in terms of academic development and terms of student self-development so that students can achieve achievements in various competitions.

The curriculum of the Accounting Education study program at FE UNY has been integrated with the vision and mission of the faculties and universities. The preparation of the curriculum refers to the KKNI so that graduates have adequate scientific mastery of accounting education. Periodically the curriculum is reviewed to be more in line with the demands of the development of science and technology. Based on the curriculum, a semester learning plan (RPS) is prepared for each subject. All lecturers are required to include moral messages in preparing RPS so that students can have good soft skills in addition to qualified knowledge. The existence of courses that are faculty and university, thereby reducing the opportunity for students to choose elective courses that can increase their competence.

In terms of human resources, all the lecturers of the Accounting Education study program at FE UNY have master's degrees, four have doctoral degrees, and one has the title of professor. Most of these lecturers are already certified, educators. Every lecturer has research experience and community service every year and by involving students. Lecturers who are still educated in S-2 are strongly encouraged to continue their studies to S-3. Currently, 5 (five) lecturers are continuing their doctoral studies, four of whom are studying abroad.

The opportunity for the Accounting Education Study Program students to develop a career in the teaching field is still huge. Almost all educational or training institutions, especially schools, need teachers. This certainly can motivate students to become professional educators. In addition, scholarship opportunities offered include PPA, BBM, Bidikmisi, Bank Indonesia, Bank Mandiri, and Lippo Group.

Opportunities possessed by the Accounting Education Study Program are more opportunities to collaborate with other institutions, especially in the world of education. For young lecturers, there are currently many scholarships offers for further studies both at home and abroad. There is an opportunity in the form of essential information technology.