Alya went to Aichi University of Education (AUE) in Japan

Aichi University of Education (AUE) as one of UNY’s international partners offers one semester or one year student exchange program for 3 students under AUE’S 2023 Student Exchange Program. More information:

The 2020 FE UNY Accounting Study Program student, Alya Tarisha Ramadhina Imam Putri, managed to get an AUE’S student exchange program, and this is Alya's story.

You're on Your Own!

“The scary news is you’re on your own, but the cool news is you’re on your own now”.

I bumped into a video as I scrolled down my TikTok, saying that being on your own will lead you to bittersweet feelings, and I can relate to that. I was thrilled to hear the news that I'm chosen as an exchange student, but at the same time, I can feel nervousness all over my body and time when I'm doubting my worth & capabilities. Unexpectedly, all those bitter feelings just faded away as I stepped my foot here, in Japan. Two months have passed swiftly. Adapting to new cultures, socializing with diverse friends, and studying beyond my field of study all went really well.

Believe it or not, being able to adapt to the new culture was something I'm looking for when I decided to enroll in this program and I'm glad that I can slowly immerse myself in Japanese culture while introducing Indonesia's culture here. On top of that, I also get more diverse and unique cultural exposure as I meet friends from all around the world in my dormitory here. The best part is that I can learn their culture personally from real friends and try to understand their point of view! I'm really excited to enhance my knowledge about their value, norm, language, custom, traditions, religion, and food!

Besides socializing with international friends, my university also provides activities with many Japanese communities. Up until now, I have already participated in a gardening community event. There I helped members to clean the garden and then harvest the food. Fun fact, I got interviewed and appeared on TV by participating in this program. I also went to an online homestay with an elderly, they were really excited to talk to me and interested in Indonesia's culture. This Tuesday, I will also participate in an origami club with middle schoolers and teachers! I'm really looking forward to that one.

Next, studying has also become really challenging, interesting, and exciting since the courses I chose were new and beyond my field of study in Indonesia. Here I get to take part and participate more during the class. In my English Communication & Advanced English class, I get to have more conversations with some Japanese students who also use English as their second language. It's challenging but fun because I made a lot of new friends through these classes. On the other side, in my World Education & Oral Communication class, I get to arguing, building opinions, and speaking confidently during class. Furthermore, in my Cross-Cultural Understanding class, I learn about different cultures scientifically from books & literature. Lastly, in my Japanese language class, I get to learn the Japanese language starting from the basics. Before joining the class, I was dead worried about my Japanese language skill, but luckily my university provide me with a basic class with a great lecturer. I had a good time during this class since I got to learn the language from a native speaker.

Just now, an algorithmically calculated video told me to do things scared, and I agree with that. New opportunities will come in a pack with fear. So, just take those opportunities and start to do things you want to do. Believe me, the fear will melt away as you do it. (tiara)