What can happen when two people who are friends are so united in carrying out their activities? Ririn Susanti and Nurul Rusmavita, these two women were brought together since their first semester of studying at FE UNY, specifically the Pend study program. S1 Accounting, 2017. Their friendship led them to a series of assignments, organizational meetings, and competitions in various regions.

They have shown high motivation to study since before they became students. Nurul, a graduate of SMK N 1 Depok, Sleman, even got a score of 10 in Mathematics in the Vocational National Examination. Meanwhile, Ririn, although she had to work for one year after graduating from Vocational High School, but her experience when participating in the Accounting Smart Competition (LCCA) and her work as an accounting staff made this graduate of SMK N 1 Godean still motivated to learn to prepare for the SBMPTN test the following year.

Both of them have the same challenge when they want to continue their education, namely the family's economic conditions that do not allow it. Ririn's father is only a farm laborer, while Nurul's father earns a living as a construction worker. Both pairs of parents had doubts that their children could continue their studies. But thanks to Bidikmisi, both of them could be accepted into the Accounting Education Study Program, FE UNY.

Ririn and Nurul met at UNY before they became students at FE UNY. When they were still in SMK, they were met several times in competitions in the field of Accounting expertise. Being in the same class, the two then formed a friendship. They both joined the management of the Accounting Education Student Association (Hima Diksi).

Ririn said that when they became the competition committee at FE UNY, they received information that there was a competition on another campus. They also took part in the competition on campus as a team with the aim of promoting the competition that they held themselves to other participants on the campus. Since then, they have achieved at least five achievements in the national level accounting competition in almost 3 years working together as a team.

The surprise emerged at the end of the study period when they graduated simultaneously in the period of June 2021, with the exact same score, which was 3.93. In response to this, both Nurul and Ririn said they were surprised. Ririn believes, this achievement is certainly the will of the Almighty. "If we find the right people to collaborate at the right time, it might lead to the right results," he said.

Congratulations and success!